Saturday, April 4, 2009

David Jeremiah is a big boy now!

Yes, our precious little one is turning 1! For those who have received our SMS invitation, here are the details & map!
& here's a note from David!
Thank you so much for being part of my birthday celebrations!
Many people have asked us if there is anything I'd like, and to be honest I already have most of the things I need, but for those who feel the desire we have set up a special gift registry!
I am thankful for the opportunity to celebrate my birthday with the people who love me, and I want to share what I have with other boys who don't. So on this occasion, I encourage you to make a contribution to Boys' Town through (registry no. 75401604), in place of getting me a gift. You can find out more about the shelter & the boys they help at Boys' Town is Amplify Families' adopted charity for the season of Lent- we can all make a difference, no matter how small (just look at me!).
If you prefer otherwise, you can also find on the registry other stuff that'll make me smile (and boy, do I have a killer smile!). We have chosen this registry because it is safe, secure and very convenient. But please know that what we desire most is your presence (not presents).
So see you at my party!
Love from David Jeremiah Chan

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Half a Year Old!

"David has hit the 6-month mark, and still growing!"

Time really flies when you have a little one in your life.
By now, David has gathered quite a bag of tricks- he can roll over (and back), sit upright (all by himself!), stand (while holding onto mummy's fingers for his dear life), and fly above his playpen (just kidding).
He sure keeps me busy- so you should keep your fingers crossed that this won't be my first, and last, post ha. My life as a stay-home mom is far from that of a tai tai's- think dirty diapers galore (esp when it's diarrhoea season) and rice cereal landing on my lap (we just started solids this week!). How do I keep the house tidy and the piling laundry clean at the same time? I wonder.
But I can say for the past 6 months, God has indeed provided- when the time comes. I have learnt that as a parent- His Grace is always sufficient, and more than I can ever provide for David on my own. Praise God. [Daph]

The following story is inspired by a series of separate but related events. I brought David out one day. He was dressed in a "baby" blue top, with the words, "Chick Magnet" plastered across his Samson-like chest, with denim shorts, the classic dress code for a masculine, male baby boy. A stranger comes up to David, irresistably attracted to his winsome gurgles and charming smile, tries to play with him, then turns to me to say, "So Cute, your baby ... girl?" I was close to replying, "yeah, she loves to cross-dress", but refrained from doing so given that I had just emerged from Sunday mass wherein the gospel was probably, "woe on you, you lawyers" (p.s. that's my day job :) The moral of this story is: David has a pretty face! [Dom]

Anyway, here is a series of captioned pictures of David, our little smiley king!

What?! These people add what to milk?!!!

Daddy, I miss you! Please come home soon!
(This photo was taken and sent to Dom on one of his late nights at the office)

Oh Daddy, I'm so glad you're home...


I like big butts...and teeny ones too!

hAPPy fEEt

Yay, Madame Butterfly likes me!


Saturday, August 2, 2008

The ultimate outdoor playground

We went to Pasir Ris beach for a picnic few weekends ago with grandparents and godparents in tow. Its been years since I last been there and the first for the kids. Actually I've not been there since my primary school days! (no kidding.. so I can say I have not been there in decades.. haha)

I remember there was this huge, daunting looking rope pyramid structure. Well, it doesn't look intimidating anymore. In fact, it's not a very big structure at all. Leo had to convince me a few times that it is the same structure!

It got me thinking.

Now I'm looking at it as a parent, a grown-up. If it looked scary to a ten year old me, what more to a less-than-three year old Joshua?

Like many things in life that I've taken for granted, I must remember to look at them from the perspective of my young children. It is so easy to forget sometimes. It is important cos then patience will come automatically, and not be trying. Yup, especially when you are facing off with a cranky tot and crying baby, at the same time, after a long day's work.

But those are just moments. Check out when they are in playground heaven:

Josh having ball of a time on a swing!

Josh doing his 1st rope obstacle course! A great accomplishment!

Josh hogging the fire engine. It is his favourite.. and this is a real "life-size" for him! We just couldn't make him leave the driver seat.

Josh conquering one slide after another..yippee!

Well, since I can't play, I gonna eat this yummy-licious hotdog...

...and be the coolest looking babe on the beach! Yeah!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Joshua and Sarah Yee

Wow! Our very own Amplify Families blog!

A quick intro to the Yee Family:

Daddy Charles Yee (aka "giant" in the family)
-attended YISS'97, former YPM Coordinator 2001-2003

Mummy Ros
- attended YISS'99

Joshua Yee (aka Josh, Joshbie, darling, "bao bei"....)
- will be turning 3 years old this Sep, attending YISS in another 13 years time?

Sarah Yee (aka mei mei, darling girl..)

- turning 6 months old in a week's time, prob attending YISS a few years after her "kor kor" :)

We praise and thank God for our 2 little darlings. It's amazing watching them grow, more amazing that He has entrusted them to us. They are wonderful, made in His image and likeness. Do pray for us and journey with us as we grow as a family. God bless!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

AMPlify Families

"Amplify Families"
To amplify the glory of God by growing as strong families

Welcome to the official blog of the Amplify Families.

What are the Amplify Families? We are a bunch of God-loving Catholics (at least we hope we are), mostly former active YPMers / Amplifiers, who have since gotten married and have been blessed with delightful children. Being called to and living this vocation, i.e. marriage and family life, we desire to continue to amplify the glory of God by growing as "Strong Families".

What is a strong family? A strong family is one where, amongst other things:-

(1) the Husband and Father is the spiritual leader, protector and provider. He leads his family to seek the Lord's will and purpose in every area of personal and family life. He is a true model of a person deeply in love with Christ. He is devoted in prayer and initiates prayer and intercession for his family and for other families. He provides for the family and would lay down his life to protect his own;

(2) the Wife and Mother is the positive partner of support, clothed with strength and dignity, compassionate and tender, filled with inner confidence and selfless in love, as described in Proverbs 31. She is God-fearing, the nurturer of children, co-discerner and an able home-maker;

(3) the Children grow up in the ways of the Lord. Their identity is in Christ, because their parents are like Christ and are their best friend to them. They are loved and accepted for who they are. They know who they are, like who they are, and are who they are; and

(4) the Household is a house of prayer, worship and intercession. Where gifts are recognised, nurtured, exercised and developed. A place of refuge and mutual love, and a living testimony to the world about Christ.

We are, but of course, rather far away from the ideal strong family. Nonetheless, like St Paul who called the early Christians "Saints" although they were very much imperfect people, we live in hope of being strong families. May the Lord, who begun this good work in us, bring it to completion and perfection on the day of Christ Jesus.

Apart from the mission to amplify the glory of God by growing as strong families, we are still in the process of discerning our other objectives. They could possibly include the following:-

(1) to support the work of Amplify Ministries through prayer, intercession, giving, mentoring and providing a growing pool of experienced manpower (such as speakers, coordinators, facilitators, intercessors, musicians, worship leaders, logistics personnel, cooks, cleaners, soundmen, artists, designers, etc) to serve with Amplify members in major Amplify events such as Amplify in the City and/or retreats such as YISS;

(2) to help current Amplify members transit smoothly into marriage and family life;

(3) to add to an ever-increasing generation of strong families by eventually, perhaps, inviting other families, whether consisting of former YPMers / Amplifiers or otherwise, into Amplify Families.

Perhaps, with all Amplify members eventually becoming strong Amplify families, all our children could one day become Amplify members! The Church, being then a sum-total of countless units of strong families whose members are God-fearing, may well be the kind of Church we had always prayed and hoped for.

Anyway, thanks very much for logging on to this blog. Pray for us, as we pray for you, that we all may be able to discern and answer God's call for our lives and for our families.

We would also like to thank Leonard for setting up this blog. We thought it would be apt to kick off the inaugural first post with a picture of our super duper insaning crazily cute and chubby son, David Jeremiah. He looks that way mainly because of the superb genes of my lovely wife, Daphne [says Dom]. Wow! Look at that smile! Add in a tear drop or two. Life (and/or the milk) must be really good, and indeed it is. Because Jesus is our Lord and King. We think He is the rock and foundation of solid family life. Can't you see His image in David?

Yours in Christ
Dom & Daph & David (the "3D" family")